Puppy Feeding Procedure

Puppy feeding procedure inner secrets revealed

puppy feeding procedure

so you must accept responsibility he needs to receive his full quota of essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix.

Puppy feeding procedure inner secrets revealed

Before the arrival of your newest four-legged family companion into your home it is crucial that you are aware exactly and precisely the correct feeding procedure for your new puppy. We all understand and appreciate the excitement and trepidation that will always be felt when bringing home a cuddly furry ball of joy. It is also important to understand the implications of your decision-making when it entails the providing of nutriment to your puppy – Puppy Feeding Guidelines, and the satisfaction when you witness your puppy growing healthily and thriving from your informed feeding choices.

You must ensure you do it right thus ensuring your puppy receives his full quota of essential vitamins, essential minerals and his crucial essential trace elements – essential ingredients, remembering that your puppy will not be capable of providing through his bodily functions a large percentage of his essential ingredients, so you must accept responsibility he needs to receive his full quota of essential ingredients within his daily dog food mixDry Food Wet Food or Mixed, so ensuring he remains healthy and full of vitality.

It is vital that whichever food you feed your puppy the food must be nutritionally balanced and a complete dog food, thus every time you feed your puppy you need to ensure it is the exact same nutritional specifications of ingredients and formulas which consistently offer your puppy his complete formulation of the essential ingredients. Canine nutritional experts will stress that the weaning process for your puppy need to be consistent and following certain guidelines – see below.

All these decisions can weigh heavy on inexperienced puppy and dog owners, although there is expert information available online concerning your puppy’s nutritional needs and all you need to do is find this expert information and then read, understand and follow the instructions – remembering above the detailed instructions / guidance details on the individual dog food packaging labels – Making Sense Pet Food Label Puppy, as following these guidelines remain crucial.

It is common knowledge that many people are not sure of how to start the weaning process; actually some new puppy owners do not really understand what weaning a puppy means or implies. Weaning your puppy simply means the beginning of the puppy’s transition from his mother’s milk or milk formula to an independent eating regime. There is no magic way of weaning a puppy as most will complete the weaning process naturally given plenty of time.

The mother dog is more than capable of supplying milk to her pups for many months. Incidentally, pups born in the wild being born in the spring and in some situations will be supplied milk from their mothers as the fall season arrives. The pups will definitely be taking food from other sources, although the mother will still be producing milk for her off-spring.

We need to remember that weaning modern puppies is not practiced for the benefit of the mothers, instead weaning is perfected because puppy’s is usually re-homed at about seven weeks of age, and as their mothers are not accompanying their puppies to their new homes, the digestive tracks need to be accustomed to eating commercially available dog food.

Generally in canine kennels puppies weaning starts at about three and half weeks of age and breeders will guarantee that the litters of any breed can take food on the own at this young age. They suggest that to make puppy mush they use the same brand of food the mother is fed on, usually selecting the same company’s dog food – dry dog food, the recipe is described as:

The puppy mush is prepared by using 2 cups of high quality dry puppy food, blended with 12.5 oz liquid puppy replacement milk and add hot water to fill the blender, then blending until the consistency of a human infants cereal – this amount should feed between 6 and 8 puppies of a medium sized breed.

Once weaning is complete it needs to be accepted that the dry dog food must be of the highest quality to ensure that your puppy, and then progressing into adulthood, your puppy receives a natural raw dog food that will be capable of supplying your puppy all his essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements – his essential ingredients, and by using a natural raw dog food your puppy in addition with be supplies with his full quota of carbohydrates and proteins which is a complete and balanced daily dog food diet – Home Prepared Dog Food Nutritional Information.

Incidentally it is crucial you understand that a growing puppy must be monitored for the amount of food he receives daily, and this food intake must be linked to amount of weight he gains over a specific period of time. So to place this issue into context it is a must that your growing puppy is weight at least once a week at least for the first six months of his life. Then the weekly growth rate which begins from the weaning stage and ends when the puppy is six months, the resulting graph should be constant in weight gain and closely coupled with the amount of food given.

The amount of dog food consumed by the fast growing puppy needs to be increased at almost the similar rate as the puppy’s growing cycle. The only way to ensure that there is a constant weight gain and closely linked to the amount of food ingested by the puppy is to feed your puppy with a puppy self-feeder – there are various selection of self-feeders for dogs and puppies, electronic automatically feeds your puppy to pre-selected quantities, or manual feeders which rely on your intervention, you will need to select the most appropriate for your family commitments and lifestyle.

It is generally accepted that you allow your puppy to consume his daily puppy food mix within his first visit to his food, then when finished allow your puppy to consume a small percentage more in his second feeding session, this way you will be offering your puppy to eat a little more than he can eat in one feeding session – he will be eating a little more than he can manage in one session.

Interestingly receiving your puppy after the weaning process has begun should already have an established feeding program from the previous owner. Prior to receiving your puppy it is imperative that you query with the previous owner of the puppy and find out everything about the type of food your puppy is currently being fed, the amount of food being fed, as well as the current feeding times. Important to note the previous owner should explain the type of food and the frequency of feeding, to prepare you for maintaining the exact feeding regime certainly for the following few weeks at least until your puppy becomes acclimatized to his new surroundings.

However it is important to appreciate that you can change the old feeding regime. Such a feeding regime can be acceptable to change when it considers your puppy’s nutritional well-being. If buying your puppy from a dog breeder then the basis for him to select the type of puppy food may not necessarily be based on the puppy’s well-being, instead it may solely be based on maximizing profits, so not using the high quality food which will contain the full quota of your puppy’s essential ingredients – essential vitamins, essential trace elements and essential minerals.

If you decide that the daily dog food mix is not supplying your family puppy with his full quota of essential ingredients, then changing your puppy’s feeding regime and daily dog food diet can be of benefit to your puppy’s well-being. Although delay the change until your puppy is familiar with his home, family and the people coming and going, then you can begin introducing the new feeding regime and his new daily dog food mix, but ensure you change slowly in time and one step at a time to allow your puppy’s digestion to become acclimatized to the change of feeding and the change of contents of the daily dog food mix.

Any changes in your puppy’s daily diet need to be actioned over an extended period possibly over a few weeks and if your research suggests that your puppy’s diet is not satisfactory in provided your puppy with his daily quota of essential ingredients, then it is imperative you consider feeding your puppy in the earliest stages a natural canine raw dog food mix including meat, vegetables and fruit contents, otherwise known as dehydrated dog food which is based on a low calorie dog food mix, this natural raw dog food daily diet with ensure your weaned puppy will receive his full quota of essential ingredients and ensure his long term health and well-being.

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puppy feeding procedure

Before the arrival of your newest four-legged family companion into your home it is crucial that you are aware exactly and precisely the correct feeding procedure for your new puppy.

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