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Dog Training: The Basic Commands

There are of many reasons for caring dog owners to want and visualize a calm, obedient and faithful dog. For one thing is certainly agreed, obedient and correctly trained dogs are happier and contented dogs, less likely to get into aggressive tussles with pedestrians or with other dogs. Another reason is that many communities require that the dogs living in their neighborhoods be well trained and under control of the owner at all times. This is especially true for many dog breeds thought to have aggression and behavioral problems – dog breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers for instance.

And of course, training your dog to the highest level will also make your family dog a much better family companion, especially in households where there are young children and many friends and family visiting their home. Many studies throughout the previous couple of decades have shown that proper dog training makes a big impact when it comes to cutting down the number of dog bites and other behavior problems, including deaths of family members within the dog’s homes encountered by dog owning households.

When considering training your own family dog, or having some other dog training professional help you train your beloved family dog, there are certain basic commands that can be taught by the owner, and must be mastered in order for a dog to be considered truly trained. These basic commands include:

  • Heel – it is important that any dog learn to walk beside its owner on a loose lead, neither pulling ahead nor lagging behind
  • Respond to the word No – the word no is one word that all dogs must learn. Training your dog to respond to this important word can save you a ton of trouble.
  • Sit – Training your dog to sit on command is a vital part of any dog training program.
  • Stay – A well trained dog should remain where his or her owner commands, so stay is a very important command in dog training.
  • Down – Lying down on command is more than just a cute trick; it is a key component of any successful dog training program.

Dog training does much more than just create an obedient, willing companion. Training your dog properly actually strengthens the bond that already exists between dog and handler. Dogs are pack animals, and they look to their pack leader to tell them what to do. The key to successful dog training is to set yourself up as that pack leader and being the pack leader is in many ways essential for your family dog to become obedient and it will be important for you to be conversant with the commitments of being your family dog’s pack leader. The pack leader need to be friendly and firm and consistency being the key to success.

Establishing yourself as pack leader is a very important concept for any potential dog trainer to understand. There is only one leader in every pack of dogs, and the owner must establish him or herself as the dominant animal. Failure to do so leads to all manner of behavior problems.

A properly trained dog will respond properly to all the owner’s commands, and will not display anxiety, displeasure or confusion. A good dog training program will focus on allowing the dog to learn just what is expected of it and in most instances, especially in the earlier dog training lessons, you must be prepared to continue to reinforce the previous training techniques before introducing an additional technique in an effort to technique reinforcement, and then will conclude by using positive reinforcement to reward desired behaviors.

In addition to making the family dog a good and responsible social member of the community, dog obedience training is a great way to fulfill some of the dog’s own needs, including the need for exercise, socializing, including the security that comes with knowing what is expected of it, a feeling of accomplishment and a good working relationship with its handler. An effective dog training gives the dog an important job to do, and an important goal to reach with the understanding and acceptance that you dog will only have a short concentration time, and if you are able to incorporate part of the dog training regime into an interesting doggie game play, then it will be possible to reinforce the various training techniques will you and your family dog be benefitting from quality time and the essential bonding process.

Giving the dog a job is more important than you may think. Dogs were originally bred by humans to do important work, such as herding sheep, guarding property and protecting people. Many dogs today have no important job to do, and this can often lead to boredom and neurotic behavior. Dog training must not be considered in isolation as a very important consideration must be for providing your family dog with high quality pet supplies which can be essential for playing quality games with your family dog and incorporating these quality games within the dog training sessions.

Basic obedience training, and ongoing training sessions, provides the dog with an important job to do. This is especially important for high energy breeds like German Shepherds, Spaniels and Border Collies. Dog training sessions are a great way for these high energy dogs to use up their extra energy and simply to enjoy themselves. Incidentally, when expecting to train your dog it is imperative that you provide the perfect solution for your family dog’s sleeping and resting period. You need to consider the risks to your family dog by allowing him / her sleeping on a hard floor or dog cage floor – arthritis for example. When considering sleeping arrangements for your favorite dog you need to offer a little luxury by buying an orthopedic dog bed, preferably with memory foam mattress, remembering your family dog must not be any way restricted when resting, relaxing or sleeping so choose and extra-large dog bed with comfortable memory foam accessories.

As previously stated incorporating playtime into your training sessions is a great way to prevent both yourself and your dog from becoming bored, remembering that your dog will have limited concentration levels, and continuing beyond your family dog’s concentration levels can become like forcing your dog beyond friendliness and into unfriendly training. Playing with your dog as an integral part of the dog training program helps to strengthen the all-important bond between you – the pack leader – and your dog.

When you are in the important process of training your family dog to the basic level or training through to the more advanced stages, it is worth considering buying high quality rewards for your hard working dog with certain accepted considerations that must be met.

The most important consideration must be to buy dog training treats which is tasty but not high in proteins or carbohydrates, as giving treats for rewarding good behavior while training your dog must not allow your dog to become obese, which would be possible when using doggie treats not purchased for the specific purpose.

The only assured way of avoiding unintended obesity in your family dog through dog training rewards is to invest in dog treats specifically created for the purposes of dog training rewards.

Dog Training The Basic Commands

Dog Training Essentials

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