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Ageing Dog Nutrition

Top 3 Vet Recommended Complete Dog Food Brands for your dog health.


When dogs were wild, or at least still hunted for their food, hunger may have been an occasional concern, but rarely were nutritional deficiencies or imbalances ever a problem. Dogs killed and ate almost all of their prey’s entire carcass including the entrails, skin, and even bones.


Domesticated dogs are unfortunately dependent upon their owners for their daily dog food diet, today’s dogs are amply fed, right to the point of obesity, yet they often develop a number of deficiencies from their improperly balanced diets. The advancement over the past decade of nutritionally “complete” or “balanced” commercial dog foods, and their increasing acceptance by dog owners and veterinarians alike, has drastically reduced the incidence of dietary deficiencies.


Top 3 Vet Recommended Complete Dog Food Brands


Veterinarians are constantly asked “What is the recommended dog food that will keep my dog healthy?”, although caring dog owners above all else is the affordability and individual advice from the perfect person who knows your dog, his Vet. The 3 Vet recommended complete dog food brands will help you to make an informed choice, as your family dog health need your nutritional expertise for his nutritional decisions.


As a caring dog owner it is imperative you understand that your Veterinarian know your family dog intimately and is in the perfect position to advise on your dog’s individual nutritional needs, as there is no one size to fit all family dogs when it comes to dog’s nutritional needs. It would be highly recommended to have a conversation with your Vet – cheaper by phone without paying for an office visit, and follow his / her advice before changing your family dog’s daily dog food diet.


  • The No 1 Vet recommended brand is Hills Science Dog Food Diet. It has been the front runner in quality control and exceeding the AAFCO nutritional standards since its inception in the 1930’s. Since the Melamine scare in 2007, it now only source their raw ingredients from North America and manufactures in USA.


  • The No 2 Vet recommended brand is Royal Canin. It has been equal on merit as the No 1 recommended brand for quality and nutrition. In addition it offers specific nutritional balances for different and specific dog breeds which may be useful to the discerning caring dog owner.


  • Finally the No 3 Vet recommended brand is Purina Proplan. Purina is one of the oldest and established pet food companies in USA and Canada and arguably provides solid nutritional content within this Label at a good price. Most of the published nutritional research has been accomplished by Purina. Proplan, is one of the favorites of both Veterinarians and dogs alike.



Your Veterinarian is the best contact who knows and understands your family dog health personally and understands his specific health needs. They will be capable of giving you a list of his / her recommendations of the most appropriate Dog Food Brands which would be specific to your family dog’s needs, and this list would be more appropriate as it will be specific to your individual family dog, and as a caring dog owner this is your best option.


Today such nutritional problems are seen mostly in dogs that are fed homemade diets or an incomplete diet of table scraps and leftovers which lack the nutritionally complete and balanced daily dog food diet comprising of the 23 essential ingredients – essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements, which must be included within the modern dogs daily dog food diet as most of these 23 essential ingredients your dog is unable to metabolize within their own bodily function.

Dog Health

Your family dog is incapable of producing within its own bodily functions is Vitamins – with the exception of Vitamin C, Trace Elements and Minerals.

The essential nutrients your family dog’s must have needs, comprises of:

  1. Water. Essential to life, water accounts for between 60% to 70% of your adults dog’s body weight…
  2. Proteins…
  3. Fats…
  4. Carbohydrates…
  5. Vitamins…
  6. Minerals…
  7. Trace Elements.


Scientific research has shown that an adult dog’s daily diet can contain up to 50% Carbohydrates by weight, including 2.5% to 4.5% directly from Fiber. A minimum of approximately 5.5 from the diet should comprise of Fats and 10% from Protein. Pet-Food Labels do not generally list amounts of essential nutrients in grams, with the potential of overfeeding or under feeding your family dog when solely relying on the data printed on the Pet-Food Label alone and this would be an indication of you dog health.

Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs – Division on Earth and Life Studies


Your family dog health is incapable of producing within its own bodily functions is Vitamins – with the exception of Vitamin C, Trace Elements and Minerals – including calcium, iron and magnesium are essential nutrients for your family dog, and must be provided by the caring dog owner within the family dog’s daily dog food diet.


Family dogs through their caring dog owner must not be deprived of their 23 essential ingredients as most of these essential ingredients must be supplied by the caring dog owner and depriving your family dog his essential ingredients within his daily dog food diet, if only for a short period can have short, medium and long term adverse health implication that can be damaging to his health and welfare.


Poor nutrition, whether from dietary deficiencies or excesses, has a significantly negative effect on your dog’s ability to remain in good dog health. Resistance to infection is lowered, as is the production of antibodies, allowing infectious agents to multiply rapidly and spread. The resulting fever, diarrhea, or other manifestations of illness, more than likely will make your dog less interested in eating, thus increasing the state of malnutrition.

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Dog Health

Family dogs through their caring dog owner must not be deprived of their 23 essential ingredients.

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